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1108 East Willow Grove Avenue  •  Wyndmoor, PA  19038  •  215.233.6226



All of our clinicians practice integrative medicine. We emphasize nutrition, stress management, rest, movement, detoxification and genetics along with medical therapies and supplements. This requires a partnership between us as medical providers and you as an informed patient. Please note that our practice is open to adults 18 years of age and older. To get started as a new patient we ask that you carefully review the following information:


Participating in our Functional Medicine practice is available with an annual membership fee. Your membership fee allows us to accept a variety of insurance plans to cover your medical visits, while maintaining the quality and innovation of our care. Learn more about membership by visiting our MEMBERSHIP page or FAQ's.


For new patients interested in joining our practice, we offer an initial consultation with one of our physicians prior to deciding to become a member. This will allow you to see how our practice can benefit you. Please note that your visit would be billed to your insurance and any co-pays, co-insurance or deductibles would apply. If you decide to continue with the practice, the membership fees and benefits will apply.

Before an initial appointment can be scheduled, the READINESS ASSESSMENT and NEW PATIENT forms must be completed.  

Click Here for Forms


Send completed forms and a copy of your insurance card to our new patient coordinator: Kate Pietrowski.  She can also answer any questions about the practice and help you select one of our doctors. 

You can reach Kate:

By email kate@monthealth.com. Please include your phone number in the email

By phone:  215-233-6226, ext 104

Completed forms and insurance card copies can be returned to Kate:

By email:  kate@monthealth.com

By fax:  215-836-0300

By mail: Montgomery Integrative Health, 1108 E. Willow Grove Ave., Wyndmoor, PA  19038. 


We have limited our appointments each day so that we are able to spend more time with you.

We ask that you value our time as we value yours.

This office has a strict 2-Business Day notice for cancellations. If you do not cancel your appointment within this time frame (by 10am Thursday for a 10am Monday appointment), you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee for physician appointments and/or the FULL AMOUNT for ancillary services.


Excessive no shows may prompt you to be dismissed from the practice.


Our medical team accepts a number of group of insurance plans.

Dr. Wittels can accept HMO plans as a specialist. A referral is required prior to your appointment.

At this time Dr. Pravs is only able to accept non-HMO plans and Medicare.

Please note that not all of the tests and treatment modalities that we offer are covered by all insurance policies. Coverage varies depending on the treatment modality or test, and on your individual health care plan. When a treatment or test is recommended we will do our best to assist you in determining what coverage and out-of-pocket costs will apply. However you should always check with your insurance carrier before making a decision about a service. We are not able to be familiar with all of the details of all of the insurance plans that our patients carry and we cannot be sure of what out-of-pocket costs will apply.